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Dr. Behidzhe Bayazidova Sadarzanska-Terzieva, PhD

Dr. Behidzhe Bayazidova Sadarzanska-Terzieva, PhD


Specialist in Neurology, Clinical Electromyography, Evoked Potentials

She graduated higher education in medicine in 1998 from MU – Pleven. From 1999 to 2003, she was a post-graduate trainee in neurology at the Department of Neurology and Neurosurgery at the Multi-Profile Hospital for Active Treatment – Pleven. From 2002 to 2003, she worked as a neurologist at the Asklepiy Medical Center, from 2003 to 2009, a neurologist at the electrophysiology surgery in the Clinic in Neurology of Dr. G. Stranski University Multi-Profile Hospital for Active Treatment, Pleven. Since 2009 to the present, she has been practicing as a neurologist at the Akademika Branch in Pleven. In 2003, Dr. Sadarzanska-Terzieva acquired a speciality in Neurology. Obtained professional qualifications in clinical electromyography in 2006, evoked potentials in 2008, homeopathic medicine in 2012. Completed courses and specializations in electromyography, evoked potentials, neurosonography, epilepsy, Good Clinical Practice for conducting clinical studies. In 2015, she obtained the scientific and educational degree PhD of Medicine after defending a dissertation thesis in the field of visual evoked potentials and multiple sclerosis. In 2018, she was selected and continues to work as an assistant professor in the Department of Clinical and Medical-Biological Sciences in the Prof. Dr. I. Mitev Branch – Vratsa. In 2022, she was elected a chief assistant professor. She is a member of the Bulgarian Society of Neurology, the Association of Clinical Electromyography and Evoked Potentials, the Bulgarian Headache Society, the Bulgarian Epilepsy Association, Union of the Scientists in Bulgaria, EFNS and the European School of Clinical Homeopathy.

Special interests in clinical electromyography, evoked potentials, multiple sclerosis, polyneuritis, radiculitis, muscle diseases, migraine, chronic pain and epilepsy.



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