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Evoked potential (EP) study

Evoked potential (EP) study

Evoked potentials are responses that are recorded from the cortex or subcortical regions of the brain, spinal cord and peripheral nerves after visual (visual EPs) and auditory (auditory EPs) stimulation or of the cutaneous sensory nerves of the arm and leg (somatosensory EPs ) stimulation.

What happens during the test?

When examining visual EPs, the examinee should focus the vision of one or both eyes on a screen with squares changing their position. The lead is from the back of the head via paste-attached surface electrodes.

For auditory EPs, headphones are used, where you will hear a click at a different frequency. The lead is performed by means of surface electrodes attached with paste to the head.

To obtain somatosensory EPs, the skin of the wrist or ankle is stimulated with a very mild electric current that causes a painless twitch of the thumb or the big toe. The lead is by surface electrodes attached to the head, neck skin, or above the collarbone.

The EP examination is painless, there are no side effects and is well tolerated by the patients.

If you suffer from epilepsy and are referred for visual EP testing, please call 02/4444455. If you need vision correction, you have to wear the glasses used for the purpose.